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AIRZONE FANS - Individual Product Specification Sheets 
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SED110M     Dual speed DC fan with motion sensor
SED110       Dual speed DC fan 
SE80-140      Single speed AC fan
SELF 80-120      Single speed AC fan with fluorescent light
SELF 80-120 H      Single speed AC fan with fluorescent light and humidity sensor
SELI 80-120       Single speed AC fan with incandescent light 
SELL 80-120      Single speed AC fan with LED light
SE Light Kits       SE light kits fit all SE series fans (Fluorescent & LED)
SN 50-80       Single speed AC fan low profile (2x6 construction)
SE80-RVL      6" Recessed fan light available with humidity sensor
TT-100       Ultra quiet In-line fan, non-metalic
JB 200-400       High CFM ventilation fan
PA 500-1100       Ultra quiet single speed AC ventilation fan
The PA700 through 1100 is Energy Star approved.  The PA500 is not Enegry Star approved
SE90-110MH      Dual motion / humidity sensor fan  (does not accept light kits)
SE80M     Motion sensor fan (does not accept light kits)
Available October 25, 2014
SES50-80     Ultra quiet, very low profile fan (2x4 Construction)
Available October 10, 2014
SE80-140S     Ultra quiet, low profile fan  (2x6 Construction)
 In stock  LA Warehouse
 Discontinued, see VK series
SE110X      Fan Heater / 1000 watts
Not Energy Star rated
 VK In-Line Fan     150 to 800 CFM
SES80-H     Ultra quiet, very low profile fan (2x4 Construction) with Humidity Sensor
SE90-120H     Ultra quiet fan with Humidity Sensor (available in 90, 110, 120 CFM)
SND 80     Ultra quiet  DC fan - 80 CFM